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Airport security lines have long been an unpredictable aspect of travel, leaving passengers in a guessing game about how early they should arrive. Fortunately, TripIt Pro, the renowned travel app, has introduced a groundbreaking feature that could put an end to this uncertainty. Much like traffic apps predict commute times, this new functionality within TripIt Pro informs users about expected wait times at their airport’s security lines.

Jen Moyse, director of product for TripIt from Concur, emphasized the significance of this innovation, saying, “Wasted time at the airport really adds up—especially for frequent travelers.” She added, “Knowing the security line situation allows travelers to optimize their valuable time, whether there’s a short line providing extra time or a longer one risking a missed flight.”

With the integration of security wait times into TripIt Pro, travelers gain comprehensive tools to meticulously plan their airport visits and smoothly navigate the terminals. Not only can they determine the ideal departure time for the airport, but they can also estimate the security wait duration upon arrival and receive guidance to their gate—all within the TripIt app interface.

Moyse further elaborated on the benefits, stating, “This latest addition to TripIt Pro is a significant step toward our goal of ensuring a swift journey from home to gate.”

Seamless Navigation through Airport Security

TripIt Pro streamlines the process of estimating security wait times, providing real-time updates on checkpoint lines close to users’ gates. The app sends proactive alerts three hours before departure, showcasing current wait times, preparing users for the security queue upon arrival, and offering subsequent real-time updates via the TripIt app.

For travelers seeking guidance on locating nearby checkpoints or identifying the shortest lines, the feature integrates an airport map. This interactive map not only pinpoints checkpoint locations but also highlights adjacent amenities like restrooms, restaurants, and shops, ensuring a comprehensive airport experience.

Currently, the security wait times feature is available at select airports, including Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Denver International Airport, Orlando International Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Access and Availability

Users can access the airport security wait time feature through the TripIt iOS and Android apps. While TripIt organizes travel plans at no cost, access to this new functionality requires a TripIt Pro subscription ($49/year). To learn more about TripIt Pro’s capabilities in keeping travelers informed and ahead of their journey, visit TripIt Pro.

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