Get Clear Guidance on U.S. Tax Rules as a Foreign Investor

Are you a foreign investor planning to sell U.S. property? Unclear on nonresident filing requirements? Feeling lost on where to start? Don’t worry, our multilingual specialists are here to help. We’ll provide simple guidance on ITIN applications, nonresident returns, compliance issues and more. Sleep soundly knowing we have expertise in complex regulations for foreigners.

Navigate Cross-Border Tax Complexities with Ease

Taxes become exponentially more complicated when multiple countries are involved. Trying to navigate cross-border tax rules alone can be overwhelming. Lean on our expertise for straightforward guidance that reduces your risk and tax obligations. Our deep knowledge of regulations allows us to highlight the key steps you need while avoiding information overload.

ITIN Applications

We make obtaining your ITIN painless by preprocessing your application for faster IRS approval. No more waiting months to get started.

Nonresident Tax Returns

We demystify filing as a nonresident alien with guidance tailored to your situation. Cross-border taxes are our specialty.

FIRPTA Assistance

We ensure FIRPTA compliance when selling U.S. property to minimize withholding liability. Our staff has the forms ready to go.

Speak with one of our accounting specialists today to transform the way you manage finances. We’re ready to provide the insights that will accelerate your organization.

Make the smart move of investment

PASAN helps you make wise investment decisions. With us, your financial future will shine bright. Trust our expert team for brilliant investment advice

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Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage accurate books and financial reporting to drive strategic growth.

Simplified Compliance

We'll handle everything from keeping ledgers to producing filings for taxes and regulatory agencies.

On-Demand Reporting

Custom views of budgets, cash flow, profitability KPIs - get the financial intel you need, when you need it.

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