Get an Ally in Your Corner When Dealing with the IRS

IRS problems can derail your finances and steal your peace of mind overnight. Take a deep breath – we can help. Our Enrolled Agents will fight to resolve your tax issues from penalties and levies, to liens and back taxes. We leverage decades of tax expertise to vigorously defend your interests during audits, reversing unfair penalties and achieving optimal settlements. With our responsive team as your ally, you can feel confident you finally have an advocate who knows tax code complexities inside out. We aim to provide clarity and the best possible outcome, giving you power over the IRS rather than the other way around.

Experts in Navigating Complex Tax Rules and Regulations

The tax code contains intricately complex rules and regulations. We leverage our team’s deep knowledge to protect your interests even in times of uncertainty. Our years of experience dealing with the IRS enables us to successfully argue your case. We are your guide, aiming to provide clarity and the best possible outcome. 

Audit Support

If audited, our EAs defend your interests every step. We employ proven strategies to get the best results. You have an ally in your corner.

Penalty Abatement

We negotiate the removal of unfair penalties by demonstrating reasonable cause. Our expertise saves you money.

Payment Plans

If you owe back taxes, we set up customized payment plans that fit your situation. This avoids further penalties and collection actions.

Offer in Compromise

Where appropriate, we negotiate discounted tax settlements when you can't fully pay your liability. Our aim is the best possible terms.

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Make the smart move of investment

PASAN helps you make wise investment decisions. With us, your financial future will shine bright. Trust our expert team for brilliant investment advice

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Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage accurate books and financial reporting to drive strategic growth.

Simplified Compliance

We'll handle everything from keeping ledgers to producing filings for taxes and regulatory agencies.

On-Demand Reporting

Custom views of budgets, cash flow, profitability KPIs - get the financial intel you need, when you need it.

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